"I want to bring a smile on your face everytime you think of your Spanish"

Nuria Freixas


My name is Nuria  Freixas and my passion is helping expats – just like you – to get back on their feet. And how do I do that? By walking you all the way through your Spanish learning process, which will enable you regain your independence and confidence, and do all those things you used to do back home.

I’m here for you

Whether you just landed in Barcelona or you have been here for many years, I know I can help you! I can provide you with all the tools you need to make Barcelona your new home.

I have been in your shoes

Living abroad is not always easy, adjusting to a new culture takes time, and once the novelty wears off, you may feel like going back home to your family and friends. The initial excitement can turn into frustration coping with your new reality. However, since the glass is neither full nor empty, it is up to you to make the most of it while living abroad. Bear in mind, that one day you may return to your country, and then, you can either go home full of experiences or with an empty bag of regrets.

I have been in your shoes. For six years, I lived, studied and worked in London. When I came back to Barcelona, with my Scottish husband, I felt privileged to have seen the world through another window. It was not always easy though.

I will always remember when I first landed in London. A friend and I, like all new comers, went to Covent Garden to stroll around. There, we met a lovely old lady who kindly talked to us. According to her, the first 6 months living abroad were going to be the hardest. My friend and I were shocked, 6 months seemed an eternity then. Now I know the lovely old lady was a wise lovely old lady. Time is the essence when it comes to settling in a new country. As for the 6 months don’t worry about it too much. To be perfectly honest, I could not tell how long it took me to feel part of my new world, but the journey was definitely worth it!

My work is the result of my passion for languages and my desire to help those who are now in my old shoes. I’d love to hear your story and help you make your experience in Barcelona a happy and rich one.

Tea or coffee? Let’s talk about it!



Núria Freixas has been working as a professional Spanish teacher for over 18 years. She now lives in Barcelona with her Scottish husband and her 14 year old daughter Iona, an unconditional fan of Spanish comes Easy.

Easy to follow Steps to start using your Spanish grammar and vocabulary, get Your Spanish into your daily life, and feel happy with yourself.