5 Spanish mistakes you should avoid 

You cannot learn a language without making mistakes. So, next time you catch yourself making a Spanish mistake, congratulate yourself, because it means you’re trying, and you're on your way to improving.

Saying that, I know you want to get better at Spanish, and that’s why I want to share with you 5 mistakes that Spanish learners make.

Not only they are very common mistakes, but they are phrases we use constantly.

Never say: Gracias para prestarme el libro.

Say: Gracias por prestarme el libro.

Thanks for lending me the book.

Never say: Es bien. 

Say: Está bien.

It's ok.

Never say: Necesito a ir al médico.

Always say: Necesito ir al médico.


I need to go to the doctor's.

Never say: ¿Me pones un otro café?

Say: ¿Me pones otro café? 

Can you give another coffee?

Never say: ¿Has tenido un buen tiempo?

Say: ¿Lo has pasado bien?

Did you have a good time?

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