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Why you need to use Spanish verb charts


Why is the Spanish verb conjugation so complicated? This is a common complaint I get  from my Spanish students. 


I’m afraid I don’t know why we make it so difficult. 😬

But I know a way to make your life easier: use VERB CHARTS. 


What is a Spanish verb chart?

A Spanish verb chart is a table that quickly shows you how to use a verb in a particular tense. If for example you want to use the verb ‘comer’ (to eat), in the present tense, the verb chart tells you how to say in Spanish I eat, you eat, he, she eats…


There are Spanish verb charts for regular and irregular verbs and for different tenses and moods.


Why you need to use Spanish verb charts.

  • Spanish verb charts bring order to Spanish grammar. 

  • They are great as reference material to first learn or review a particular Spanish tense.

  • Verb charts are also very useful for upper level students who need a quick reminder.


Verb charts are great to first learn and review Spanish verbs, but remember to practice and use the verbs you learn in a sentence. 


Where can you find verb Spanish verb charts?

You can either find them in Spanish grammar books, on the Internet, or in my store. There you can get  one for free.


Either way, whether you get them from my store or somewhere else, I really encourage you to start using them, if you haven't done it yet. 🙂

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