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 Why you should do your shopping list in Spanish 

Padre e hijo en el supermercado

There is a very simple way of getting Spanish into your every daily life, and that is by writing your shopping list in Spanish.

How can this help you with your Spanish?

1 - You will build up your Spanish vocabulary.

2 - Spanish will be a part of your weekly routine. And this will be especially helpful for those weeks when you’re too busy to study Spanish.

Perhaps you already have a large Spanish vocabulary. Still, are you sure that you can name every single item that you buy during the week? You may know the word pescado = fish, but how many types of fish can you name? And what about the Spanish vocabulary for toiletry and cleaning items?


Steps to take

1 – Write down Necesito comprar … (I need to buy …) and add the items you need to buy.

2 – Look up any words you don’t know.

3 – Take your shopping list with you when shopping. (Don't miss this step.)

One thing to bear in mind:


Make sure you keep all your lists together. This way, if and only you get stuck with a word - when writing your shopping list, you can go back to your old Spanish lists and check if you have already used that word before. 


What if you don’t do any shopping?


Still, you need to be able to learn the Spanish vocabulary to order food in a Spanish speaking restaurant, or to ask someone to do the shopping. What you can do is to keep a small notebook with you and write down the ingredients of the dishes you eat every day. If there’s a word you don’t know, write it down in your own language and look it up later.


A bonus tip

When shopping, take a look at the labels of the items you buy. If you’re in a Spanish speaking country, see how much you can understand. If you’re not in a Spanish speaking country, see if there is any label with a Spanish translation.

And that’s all for me. I’ll see you on our private Facebook group, Spanish language buddy.

This week there, it will be all about shopping. 

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