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 Got a Spanish plan B? 
carretera vacía

Having a Spanish Plan B is one of the best things you can do to get better at Spanish.

And what’s a Spanish Plan B, I hear you wonder?

A Spanish Plan B consists of an activity, that is so ridiculously effortless, that you can do it with very little time. I mean it, very little. 😊

Here you have some examples of what a Spanish Plan B looks like. You’ll notice that there’s also a Plan A, for those days you’ve got the time and energy to work on your Spanish a bit longer.


What you can do in a good day, when you’re highly motivated
Create a play list with Spanish songs. Pick a song and look up any new words.
Practice some Spanish grammar (Focus only on one grammar point).
Write  a Spanish journal.
Create or add new words on your own Spanish dictionary
Meet a Spanish speaking friend or a language exchange partner.
Watch a short Spanish video.


What you can do when you are tired or not up to much.
Play a Spanish song from your play list.
Have a look at a Spanish grammar exercise you’ve already done
Write just ONE sentence in Spanish.
Post a Spanish word you want to remember on FB, Instagram ...
Get your phone and record yourself while reading ONE sentence aloud from a Spanish text.
Watch a video for ONE minute. 

This list could go on and on. It’s really up to you to decide what works best for you and create your own list. Notice that the activities on plan B required very little time. Sometimes only ONE minute, you can time yourself. If after a minute you feel up to doing a bit more, great, go on! Otherwise, be happy with yourself, because you’re on track, you followed you plan B.

Here you can find the help and the support you need. 

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