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 How to focus on your Spanish


Although technically we now have more time on our hands, most of us find it hard to stay as focus and productive as we used to be.

In this scenario, how can you learn some Spanish and enjoy yourself?

By simplifying things.


1. Pick ONE thing you want to learn. Here I’ve chosen the verb ‘gustar’ (like).

2. Focus on the first person singular ‘YO’ (I)

3. Every day for a week, write down a sentence with the verb ‘gustar’. Me gusta …


Of course, you can learn another verb, practice a past tense, or the subjunctive, if you are already working on it. You could choose ‘nosotros’ (we) instead of ‘yo’ (I), or you could learn vocabulary.

The main thing is that you pick ONE thing. Then, write down ONE sentence every day and say it aloud.

Just ONE


Practice the same ONE thing every single day for a week, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn.

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