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3 tips to make your life easier

1) Be smart and learn Spanish verbs that you'll be using often, i.e.

ser - to be

tener - to have

comprender - to understand

querer - to want

​2) Start by learning ONLY the first person singular 'YO' - I, and ignore the rest for the time being. Once you feel you can manage, learn the first person plural 'NOSOTROS/AS' - WE. Eventualy you'll be familiar with all persons. 

3) Learn new verbs in context, i.e. in a phrase or sentence.

 How to learn

 the Present in Spanish 

Let's put the 3 tips into practice.

1) Pick a common verb, i.e. to live, in Spanish:'vivir'.

2) The first person of the verb 'vivir', to live, is 'yo vivo', I live.

3) Learn the verb in context, for instance: I live in Barcelona.

'(Yo) vivo en Barcelona.' 

This way it's easier to remember and most importantly to use the verb when speaking in Spanish

Don't let perfectionism stop you from speaking in Spanish.

And remember, you don't need to learn it all today. 

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