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 Use a COLOUR SYSTEM to improve your Spanish 

Use a  COLOUR SYSTEM to improve your Spa

Learning a language is not like ticking your to-do list, once it’s done, you can forget about it. Learning a language is more like building blocks, discard one and then the whole pile collapses. That’s why it’s so important to have a good Spanish foundation.

 How to make sure you’re building blocks are solid? 

Start by going to the index of content in your Spanish book and have a look at the units you have already worked on.

Use three different colour markers to underline the issues that are:





 Why to make this distinction 

It gives you a whole picture of how well you are doing with your Spanish. Let’s say you use the colour red to underline the hard stuff. If you notice that red is the predominant colour, it means that rather than working on new grammar points, you should go back and practice the ‘old’ material. After all, learning a foreign language is not like marching, one step after the other. Learning a foreign language is more like dancing, two step forward, one step back. ; )

el bloque del juguete

If on the other hand, the colour chosen for the easy content, let’s say green, shines everywhere, you may need to do very little revision. You have actually a good Spanish foundation.  

As for the boring stuff, let’s use the colour pink. If there’s very little pink, all the better. If pink is everywhere, it means that you are getting soooo bored, that you may soon give up studying Spanish. If that’s the case, you need to make a few changes, i.e. change your teacher, your school, the learning system you’re using, or change your Spanish learning approach altogether.

By the way, a particular Spanish issue can have two colours, pink and red, for instance. Which translates into boring and difficult.

The whole idea of this colour system is to make you aware of your progress, so that you can take some action if need be.

Now it’s your turn:

Now I’d like to hear from you.


What colour do you feel you'll be needing the most?

Tell me in the comments below.

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