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 Spanish conversations tips 

Las mujeres que come el buñuelo

Nobody likes the feeling of being in a conversation not knowing what to say. Specially, when we don’t feel confident speaking the language. In those occasions, we are so self-conscious that we forget to show interest in what the other person is talking about.

And this is precisely the number one reason why the conversation doesn’t go smoothly. Because most people don’t care if your Spanish grammar is not perfect. They don’t mind if they have to repeat what they said, but everybody wants, we all want to feel that what we say matters.


How to show you care in your next Spanish conversations 

Pick up a few ideas and use them next time you chat with someone in Spanish.

But most importantly, show genuine interest in what the other person is saying.

Remember that a conversation is not about turning turns to talk, is about engaging with others. If you bear this in mind, next time you talk to someone in Spanish, the conversation will be more enjoyable for the two of you.

 Show you agree 

Sí, sí (yes)

¡Claro, claro! (of course!)

Agree and repeat what the other person just said) i.e Sí, ¡qué calor/ frío! Yes, it's so hot/cold!


 Show Surprise 

- ¡Oh!

- ¡Anda! (I say!)

- ¡De verdad! (Really!)

- ¡No me digas! (No way!)

- Ah, ¡qué interesante! (How interesting!)

- Ah, no lo sabía. (I didn't know that.)

- Repeat what the person just said and show surprise.


 Show you’re happy for the other person 

- ¡Genial! (Great!)

Ah, ¡qué bien! (That's great!)

Ah, ¡cuánto me alegro! (I'm so glad!)


 Show you’re sorry for the other person 

¡Qué pena! (What a shame!)

¡Ay! (Oh!)

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