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You want to start speaking Spanish, but don’t know where to start.


You studied Spanish for a while, but you can’t speak the language yet.


You’ve been working on your Spanish for soooooo long, but you feel you’re on a plateau.


You want to take your Spanish to the next level.

If you answered yes to any of these issues, 

I'm here to help.


My name is Núria Freixas and I'm a qualified and experienced Spanish teacher.

 One on One Spanish lessons 

First of all, we’ll meet to talk about your Spanish needs and goals. Then, I   will let you know about the language methodology I use. If you’re are   happy to take Spanish lessons with me, I will then help you find the best   lesson plan to suit your needs. And that’s it, easy peasy.

 My commitment: Make sure you feel at ease in class and enjoy yourself   while learning Spanish. We’ll speak Spanish from DAY ONE.


 Your commitment: Understand that we need to work as a team. :) 

 Lessons take place via Skype.

 Contact me at for a free personal   consultation to discuss your requirements and goals.

 Tea or coffee? Let’s meet and chat. 


 Want to know about my story? Click here.

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