Start Here 

▪️ Mi familia - My family 

▪️ Mi profesión - My profession
▪️ La ropa - Clothes

▪️ El tiempo - The weather

▪️  Opinar - Give your opinion

▪️ ¿A qué hora te has levantado? - At what time did you get up?

▪️ ¿Tienes planes este fin de semana? - Do you have plans this weekend?

▪️ ¿Hay alguna farmacia por aquí cerca? - Is there a chemist nearby?

▪️ ¿En qué piso vives? - On what floor do you live on?

▪️ ¿Qué estás haciendo? - What are you doing?

▪️ ¿Te encuentras bien? - Are you feeling ok?

If you are really frustrated and just feel like you'll never get better at learning Spanish, the key is to stick at it, get help and then buddy up with someone and practice.

Here you can find the help and the support you need. 

What to do now: 

1. Read one of the Spanish dialogues 

2. Click the links in the text to learn about Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

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