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 Uses of Pretérito Perfecto 

To talk about actions in the past that have taken place in a space of time that continues in the present.

- Hoy he comido con Laura.

- Today I ate with Laura.

(The day hasn’t finished yet.)

- Este año he empezado a estudiar español.

- This year I started studying Spanish. 

(The year hasn’t finished yet.)

To talk about actions in the past that happened at an unspecified time.

- He preparado la cena.

- I prepared dinner.

- He hecho los deberes.

- I did my homework. 

To talk about personal experience. It doesn’t matter when the action took place

Marta ha volado en globo varias veces.

Marta has flown in a hot air balloon a few times.

¿Has visitado la Sagrada Familia?

Have you ever visited la Sagrada Familia?

To talk about an action that hasn’t taken place yet

Todavía no ha terminado el informe.

He/She hasn't finished the report yet. 

We can use the following time markers.

Esta mañana

Esta tarde

Esta noche

Esta semana

Este mes

Este año

Este fin de semana

Este verano



Hace un rato

Hace cinco minutos

Hace una hora

This morning

This afternoon


This week

This month

This year

This weekend

This summer



A short while ago

Five minutes ago

An hour ago

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