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 What are you struggling with

Spanish grammar doesn't make

sense to me

I find it hard

  to remember    long lists of words

I don't know how

to improve

my Spanish

     Spanish          Learning Tips

I can't understand Spanish people 

 If you've ever struggled with any of these issues,

 you're in the right place. 





 Núria, how can you help me

I’ve been teaching Spanish for over 19 years. Wow, time flies by!


Why did I become a Spanish teacher, and most importantly, how can I help you?


I guess without knowing it, it all started when I was a language student myself. I remember years of studying English at school, being bored to death learning long list of verbs: break - broke - broken … I’m sure you get the gist.

The first time I went to England to practice my English, I remember the journey from the airport to the house I was staying in.

Persona del balanceo de la maleta en el

It all looked so quaint to me. There I was, being charmed by the scenery. I felt as if I were in an Agatha Christie’s story. The spell was broken though, by the time I met my host. What did he say? I don’t know to this day. I guess he was just being polite and asking me how I was. I didn’t understand him. I felt awkward and embarrassed. After so many years of studying English at school, I couldn’t speak the language.

Let’s fast forward the story. I went back to England for a few more visits and eventually I moved to London for 6 years. There I worked, and studied Linguistics and Spanish at Birkbeck college, University of London. Came back to Barcelona with my Scottish boyfriend, today my husband, and trained as a Spanish teacher.

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Pantalones vaqueros y botas

 I’ve been in your shoes. 

I know about the frustrations of learning a foreign    language, the awkwardness and the embarrassment.


That’s why I made it a personal commitment to make sure my students always feel at ease and enjoy the process of learning Spanish.


I believe learning a language is a gift that you give to yourself.  

 Shall we start?


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