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Tania Spearman.png

Tania Spearman, Acupuncture

“I really can’t thank Nuria enough for being such a fantastic Spanish teacher. She comes to my clinic for the classes and she taylor made the lessons to suit my level and business needs.

Each lesson is geared around practical grammar and vocabulary which I need in order to communicate smoothly, sensitively and professionally with my patients. I also have to say that I have never had so much fun in a language class before.

I would definitely recommend Nuria to anyone wanting to learn Spanish, whatever your level, I am sure she can help you.”

Duncan Campbell.png

Duncan Campbell, iPhone/iPad programmer

“When I arrived in Barcelona, I emailed 6 different Spanish tutors in the city, explaining my (very basic) knowledge of Spanish and what I wanted to achieve in the next few months.

​Nuria was the only one to reply with a detailed description of how we could accomplish it, and there began 18 months of one-on-one classes.  

Today I speak with confidence, with a solid knowledge of the fundamentals – an aspect which a lot of Spanish tutors skip over to give their students a (false) sense of achievement. Without a doubt, when taking classes with Nuria, you will feel like your education is in safe hands. Gracias Nuria.”

Emma Mc Adam 2.png

Emma Mc Adam

"I arrived in Barcelona with no Spanish and had not studied a language for 20 years.  Nuria’s 1 on 1 classes got me speaking Spanish from lesson 1 and were tailored to move at my learning pace.  I was very nervous but Nuria put me at ease straight away and her teaching style encouraged me to have a go. 

​I really enjoyed learning with Nuria, she ignited a real enjoyment in studying Spanish, and with her guidance I have continued my studies since returning to the UK. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone starting or continuing 

their Spanish studies."

Wendy Dick.png

Wendy Dick

"I think there are many of us expats who struggle to find 

the best way to improve our Spanish and I believe Nuria is a great teacher who really can help.

​Having been in Barcelona for a year I was looking for a way to continue to learn Spanish but also wanted to find ways to speak more Spanish.

​Nuria’s lessons have really helped me. She took the time to find out what level I was at and where I needed help. Her lessons are always interesting and relevant and I continually feel as though I’m making progress. She also encouraged me to go beyond my comfort level and enroll in a series of local cooking classes, which have to be proven a fantastic experience.

Thanks for everything Nuria!"

Jay Newton.png

Jay Newton

"I had private classes with Nuria and found that her in depth and thourough approach 

really allowed me to correct lots of mistakes and bad habit I had 


Nuria also structures the classes well and she was always well prepared for each class, with print outs and exercises.

She also introduced me to the Subjunctive and got me started on that which for anyone learning Spanish they will understand that this is a tricky area. She is also a nice lady and fun to work with!"

Peggy Bosch 2.png

Peggy, Bosch

"A knowledge base is essential but a good instructor needs to do more. Knowledge is not just rattled off to students but guidance is needed. I have been studying for a while but didn’t feel I was making enough improvements. Nuria has given me many good tips to:

– improve retention,

– isolate problem areas so I can focus on improving them, and

– to learn from my errors.

​Sounds simple enough but her guidance and suggestions have been very helpful and now I’m making progress and improvements."


Michelle Wu.png

Michelle Wu,

"Nuria’s classes are lively and engaging, they are never dry, and she adapts the classes to my needs, my pace of learning and my interests. She uses very helpful and creative analogies in her classes and helps me make connections with what I already knew.

She spends time on emphasizing grammatical points or common errors in a fun and engaging way. Her experience of living in London and learning English means that in each lesson I encounter more than just a Spanish teacher: I am also meeting someone who has been through a parallel journey herself, who understands and celebrates the experience of living in a foreign country, who embraces every aspect of learning a new language.

In my lesson I learn more than just the language: Nuria manages to weave in the cultural aspect of Spain, Catalonia and different aspects of day-to-day living in Barcelona into my classes. Nuria is always helpful in giving me ideas of how to immerse myself into the culture and to grab hold of opportunities in practicing Spanish.

​Before I started writing this testimonial, I have been listening to a Spanish song, reading the headlines on the Spanish newspaper “Vanguardia” on my computer, making my shopping list in Spanish, and I have just started reading my 6th beginner’s level reading book and I go to the same place for my grocery shopping so that practicing Spanish and living here are intertwined. Through the language exchanges encouraged by Nuria, I have made friends in here and the experiences have been enriching, which have helped me in broadening my vocabulary as well as deepening my knowledge of local life here.

Nuria, is a very encouraging teacher, full of enthusiasm she celebrates little achievements on my path of learning Spanish. Her patience, her kindness, her attention to detail, her professionalism, her encouragement, make her one of the best allies that one can have on one’s journey of learning Spanish."

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